CryptoBrijes is not only a one time, one drop collection, but a project with several stages, first, we will release the 10,000 pieces, then the other 2,500 with preference for the owners, either on private sells, surprise public drops (with heads up for the owners) and raffles in which the owners of the collection will have the opportunity to get really rare pieces. We also want to contribute to the community, so we are talking with some associations that work with animal shelters, enviromental friendly projects and much more. We are planning on exclusive merch, a documentary and a way to breed your cryptobrijes and get second generation ones!


This is our guide, the path that we are following with this collection. Of course, things can change and adapt, but this is the main course, check it out!

  • Release of web page and social media. DONE! Follow us on twitter and instagram.
  • Promotional raffles of some 1/1´s CryptoBrijes for our followers on Social Media (2,500 CryptoBrijes will be for promotions and for the owners that get their CryptoBrijes in the first drop)
  • Getting the Documentary ready - We are working on a documentary that shows the process needed to craft these pieces, the tradition that they evolved from (Alebrijes) and some other info that we hope will give you another perspective on what makes CryptoBrijes so special.
  • Drop of the first 10,000 pieces - Exact date to be published, but the drop will be in October
  • Raffle of one 1/1 rare CryptoBrije among all the owners. Two "origin" CryptoBrijes will be raffled, one among the 1/1 pieces owners, and one among the rare pieces owners. A third origin CryptoBrije will be raffled IF and only IF we sell out the first 10,000 pieces within a week. The rest of the origin CryptoBrijes will be autioned of gifted to CryptoBrijes team´s discretion along with the 2,470 pieces that were not destined for promotion, these could be sold or auctioned with some advantage for the owners on private or "surprise" drops.
  • When we reach the "sold out", either within a week or later, the breeding season will start, around two months after the sold out happens, the CryptoBrijes, like some animal species in the real world will have a breeding season during the year in which owner will be able to get "baby" cryptobrijes of second generation, check out social media and this page for more future information about the dynamics.
  • A percentage of the sells will be donated and/or used for benefical purposes, we are studying different associations to decide the ones we think more fitting.
  • A "Collector´s guide book will be released, also explaining more about the art and process going into the pieces but also as a way in which the owners can show their pieces with a physical Item, and we think would be a great conversation starter for the coffee table.
  • We will introduce some merch and merch related projects.
  • We have much more in mind, but time to time. We will be updating this Roadmap.

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