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Facts that you should know about

What makes this collection so special?

Craftmanship is the keyword, is defined by the Oxford english dictionary as "The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry." This is what makes this collection special, a true blend of technology, art and modern tendencies. Is the first avatar NFT collection of characters with interchangeable assets generated by computer code BUT produced in the real world and then digitalized, What does this mean for you? The collection has an intrinsic value, both historical and artistic. Since each asset is made by hand, this means that they are totally unrepeatable, for several reasons, not only the token, the first is, of course, the NFT, but by being hand crafted, they have little peculiarities that are hard, if not impossible to replicate exactly, therefore, not even Tonny (The cryptobrije´s artist) would be able to replicate them exactly, even more, the "origin" cryptobrijes, will be up for sale on auction and some will be raffled to the owners of the first 10,000 pieces to be realeased on the drop, this physical pieces will be sent "locked" which mean they are going to be stucked with industrial glue, so the owners have a piece of the collection´s history and of what made possible such a thing, but would be unable to create more cryptobrijes of the same pieces even if they have several origin cryptobrijes, this is to protect everyone´s investment and to keep the integrity of the pieces themselves. All this will also help to avoid copies, as i´m sure you have seen of some of the most popular collections, is so much easier to copy a 2-D drawing and sell it as an original than to sculpt, paint, plan and interchange several physical assets, so, this will make your piece even more rare.

But there have been no other collections before that are hybrid?

Yes, and no, there have been collections and NFT art that digitalize a physical object and then sell it as an NFT or both the NFT and the object, but in this case, we are the first collection meant to be produced in the real world but with the aim of living in the blockchain, each "origin" CryptoBrijes takes hours and even days in the creation of it, but is planned to be interchangeable with all the others cryptobrijes, giving us thousands of possible combinations, which we get from a computer generated code, making this collection the first of it´s kind. You, as a collector, will also have the opportunity to get one of the few "Origin" CryptoBrijes, these are the 30 original creatures that represents 30 different animal species and that have an NFT and also a physical copy which will be sent to you.

Will I only get an NFT certificate when purchasing a Crypto Brije?

No, you will get much more! Of course, we do all this for the art, and for the NFT itself, but is important for your piece to get more value in time, to get the support of a community and a team that keeps working on the collection, so you get everything stated on the roadmap and more over time. We are a team of several professionals and artists, and we know the importance of keeping our community and collection active, so you will be notified by our social media, discord group and e-mail, if you wish, of special treats for the owners of CryptoBrijes. As soon as you purchase you will receive for an exclusive Documentary for you to know more about the collection and the process of how your piece came to be. If you have a pair or more Crypto-Brijes, you will be able to breed them on a soon to come "Breeding season" that will start after the sold out of the 10,000 pieces drop. This will be possible for 3 generations, and then there will be no more cryptobrijes to protect the scarcity of them, but you will be able to profit from the CryptoBrijes "babies" for the next generations, the dynamics of the breeding season will soon be posted. You will also have early notifications of surprise drops, that will be open to the public, but not publicly notified, so you will have an advantage on those. All the owners will also have access to exclusive-raffles for the owners only to get 1/1 cryptobrijes, specials and "origins", discounts on merchandise and much more surprised that will be announced in time.

How many Cryptobrijes will there be and how much will they cost?

The drop date will soon be realeased, with a first drop of 10,000 1/1´s CryptoBrijes, which means it will only be one copy of each, with different grades of rarity (A rarity guide will soon be posted too), you can also check our social media to see tips on chosing your CryptoBrije by rarity. Another 5,000 CryptoBrijes will exist, but only 2,500 will be for public sale / auction. The other 2,500 will be used for promotions, public raffles and exclusive raffles just for the owners. So the 1st generation will only have 15,000 CryptoBrijes of differend rarity. Then, the breeding season will begin, so, owners of the first generation will be able to breed second generation CryptoBrijes (with assets of another 30 animal species) with the mechanics to be made public later on.

They will be for sell on Open Sea starting at .05 Eth. for 1/1´s and .06 Eth. for the rare ones. And maybe, just maybe we will throw a couple of reaaaally rare into the mix with prices accordingly

How can I get an "origin" CryptoBrije and/or a 1/1 on a raffle?

Please be pendant of our social media by twitter, instagram, discord and facebook, there we will announce public promotional raffles, and also, by purchasing a cryptobrije you will automatically enter to three raffles, one, for the "Rare cryptobrijes" owners, this owners will have the chance of winning an "origin" NFT cryptobrije with it´s phisical piece. Also the 1/1 owners will have the chance to win another "Origin". If you have both types then you will have a chance for each, same if you have several of the same kind, you will multiply your chances, and a 1/1 will be also raffled among all the owners, these raffles will take place one week after the initial drop. There will also be a special "SOLD OUT" raffle, but this will only occur if we sell out all the 10,000 initial pieces within a week, if this happens, we will throw another "Origin" CryptoBrije for a raffle among all the owners.